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Kim Kardashian poses naked on Instagram days after welcoming third child

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Kim Kardashian has shared a nude pic to Instagram just days after welcoming her third child.

Perhaps keen to remind everyone that mums can be hella sexy too, the 37-year-old uploaded a picture taken by fashion darlings Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott which needed heavy censoring to get past the Instagram police.

In the picture, Kim lay on a bed with her chest exposed and her arms above her head, while the duvet covered much of her lower half.

Kim Kardashian poses naked

The mum-of-three captioned the pic: ‘Night Cap’ – leaving fans debating whether a mother should be posting such provocative pictures (as if becoming a mum negates your sexuality or sex appeal).

While some people commented: ‘Wtf? What kind of mom posts this stuff? No respect for your children’ and ‘You are a mom shame on you kim’, many defended Kim’s right to express her sex appeal and werk for the camera. One fan commented: ‘So what if she is a mom? Let her do whatever she wants its her life if u don’t like it unfollow her.’ Another post read: ‘Just cause she’s a mum doesn’t mean she needs to cover up’, while a fan added: ‘So what? She’s still a woman not just a mum! You rock @kimkardashian!’



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