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Liam Payne ‘urges Cheryl to consider getting a nanny’

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Liam Payne is reportedly worried that his girlfriend and baby mama Cheryl is overdoing it now that she has returned to making music.

The One Direction singer has urged the 34-year-old singer to consider getting a nanny to help support her as she tries to revive her music career alongside raising their son Bear, 14 months.

But despite struggling with tiredness, the Fight for This Love singer has famously insisted she would never hire a nanny, and said hearing her child asking for a nanny would “break her heart”.

“Cheryl took a year away from the spotlight to devote all of her time to Bear and she loved it, but she always planned to return to work,” a source told Britain’s Closer magazine. “With her schedule starting to ramp up, though, it’s beginning to hit her that she can’t take Bear everywhere with her. And she doesn’t know if she can always rely on her mum and Liam’s mum for help.”

As a result, 24-year-old Liam, who has spent much of the past year on the road promoting his solo career, is trying to encourage Cheryl to reconsider hiring someone to help to ease her workload, but despite having a tight-knit group of friends and family, the protective mum thinks she would struggle leaving Bear with anyone else.

“Liam can see how tired Cheryl gets trying to manage everything and he’s told her not to be afraid to ask for help in the future if she needed it,” the source explained.

Cheryl has reportedly been working on her fifth solo album with British producer Naughty Boy and trusted collaborator Miranda Cooper, who penned many of her old band Girls Aloud’s biggest hits.

Describing what fans can expect on Cheryl’s return, Naughty, real name Shahid Khan, told Britain’s Metro newspaper: “She is making a real album about her life and emotions and people should focus on that more than what else is going on around her.”

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